ISDM Solution is a brand new company, but its team of professionals are people with many years of experience and achievements, who have been operating in the industrial sector for many, many years.

Our team consists of professionals. High motivation and commitment made us in this place today, striving for continuous sustainable development, not only of our customers but also of ourselves. The company is divided into several departments, including


In the field of consulting, we offer you many forms of cooperation, focusing primarily on your real needs. In turn, as part of the services, we are ready to cover the implementation of projects comprehensively or by offering only the provision of staff. Training is something that distinguishes us from many - we are aware that self-education and competences are a very important aspect in business. When offering training, we focus primarily on the quality and quality conveyed to the employee so that he can feel that he can do more, and that the employer knows, that only in this way can he achieve his highest potential.


ISDM solution was founded with its clients in mind, and its greatest strength are the people. From the founders, to those at the forefront of the groups, to every single employee identifying with our organization. Our mission is to take care of our client's success by constantly improving the quality of our services. We are aware that in order to achieve this, we must constantly cultivate good relations with all those involved in the process. Because in order to build customer trust on a permanent basis, first of all, we must build this trust among the people who make up our organization.
ISDM solution is a new organization, while its founders and management are a pillar of internationally experienced professionals in their field, who have been striving for development and success for years. Facing the new challenges of the labor market, understanding them and being aware of the growing difficulties in ensuring the continuity of production of enterprises, we will search for new solutions. Based on the knowledge of our leaders, we want to provide companies with motivated and proven employees.
To emphasize our mission, at the very beginning of the company's establishment, we started cooperation with one of the most important training centers - STE Global Protection (being a member of the Scaffolding Training Europe group), which has been caring for the competence of the staff for years. The synergy effect obtained through close cooperation will help to provide our clients with qualified employees with the necessary skills and qualifications. Having such close access to training, we can constantly prepare new staff, which in turn, by connecting newly-trained people with those experienced - will effectively help in building new teams, thus causing a continuous increase in our employees as well as the growth and position of the company.

ISDM Solution vision:
„We want to be the best and offer our clients the best solutions”.

To achieve this, we focus on:
•    Continuous investment in knowledge and employee development.
•    Continuous improvement of the business and keeping up with changes as needed by customers.
•    Striving for business excellence through clearly defined goals and responsibilities.